Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh, hello there, gentle viewers...

"You caught me catching up on an old favorite.  It's wonderful to get lost in a story, isn't it?  Adventure and heroics and discovery: don't they just take you away?  Come with me now, if you will, gentle viewers.  Join me on a new voyage of the mind. "    --Andrew, from "Storyteller" in Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hello, welcome to my Reader's Advisory blog.  I graduated last May with a BFA in Creative Writing and English Literature, so this is my second semester in the SLIS program.  I am extremely lacking in funds right now and without a job, so if anyone reading this knows a place that's hiring, PLEASE let me know!  I will do almost anything; heck, I once had a job cleaning dog kennels.

A little bit about me... I'm an introvert.  If you don't know who I am in class, I'm most likely the shy one, hunched over and wearing lots of layers.  I live 3.5 hours away from my family, and 3.5 hours away from my boyfriend in the opposite direction, so I require lots of visiting time.  I am known as "Negative Nancy" because I can be cynical and I enjoy sarcasm.  I love fiction in all its forms: books, TV shows, video games, movies, you name it.  I tend to get obsessed with fantasies from books and such in my attempts to escape from reality; it is often easier for me to understand and engage with fictional characters than real people.

You can probably guess why I chose to take this class; I imagine it's the same reason everyone else has.  I love to read.  My favorite books tend to fall into the literary and historical fiction categories, although I often find myself veering off into the Young Adult section, as I feel that a lot of popular adult fiction nowadays is generic, features the same plot elements, and severely lacks the depth that many YA authors exhibit in their ability to express emotions and abstract experiences.  Plus, I'm barely an adult myself, so mentally I suppose I'm still in teenager mode.

But I dislike Twilight.  Vampires are awesome, but they are evil and they do not sparkle.  Buffy forever!

Anyway... I think this class is a perfect opportunity for me to delve into areas of fiction in which I don't have much experience.  I'm still in disbelief that a class exists that allows me to read what I choose.  I think it's safe to say that I have never looked forward to a class as much as I have this one.

On a final note, here is a picture of my best friend Bailey.  Be careful, she will stare into your eyes and steal your soul.

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  1. A+ for including a photo of your dog!!! Love the puppers.